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[1370]IC-accessories, IC-grippers
[1138]IC-socket, contacts punched
[1164]IC-socket, contacts, turned


[5362]IDEC (Relais)


[1903]IEC cold mains leads
[5911]IEC Female Power socket
[5912]IEC Male Power Insert Connector
[5910]IEC Male Power plug
[1925]IEC power connectors
[92]IEC Power Connectors, 16 A
[5915]IEC Power connectors, miniature
[5913]IEC Power Jack


[2336]IGBT Power Modules
[8071]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: ABB)
[68]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Dynex)
[5843]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Eupec, Infineon)
[2435]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Fuji)
[694]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: IFX)
[5200]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: IR, International Rectifier)
[5985]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Mitsubishi)
[1944]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Powerex)
[3781]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Proton)
[6100]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Semikron)
[1869]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Siemens)
[1908]IGBT Power Modules (manufacturer: Toshiba)




[4140]Illu-Lampholder and accessories
[4863]Illuketten lampholder E27
[4864]Illuketten lampholder E27 with silicon gasket
[4850]Illuketten lampholder, E14
[65]Illuminating Engineering, Decoration Light
[864]Illumination lampholders


[28]Induction coils, Filters, Coils
[8100]Industrial relays
[129]Industry connectors, system voltage (manufacturer: Hirschmann) (series: ST)
[1131]Industry relays, 1 NO, (manufacturer: Finder)(series: 65.31)
[1870]Infrared diodes, Emitter, Receiver
[2454]Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument for quick non-contact measurements
[2534]Input module AC for PCB-mounting
[2535]Input module DC for PCB-mounting
[4278]Insolatingtube, PVC black, -20°C to 105°C
[4277]Insolatingtube, PVC black, -20°C to 85°C
[5011]Insolatingtube, Silicone
[4862]Installation site lamp holders, Iso lamp holders with metal clip, metal holders, with pull switch, E27
[690]Installationsprogramm, Feuchtraum, Aufputz
[688]Installationsprogramm, Unterputz, reinweiß
[1214]Insulating disks
[1372]Insulating material for tranisistors
[1212]Insulating sets, with screws
[2097]Insulation strippers
[2097]Insulation tools
[10]Integrated Circuits (IC's), semiconductors
[49]Interface Connectors
[4849]Internal Fittings for Interior Lighting


[8195]I/O, Filter, Capacitor, Snap-In (manufacturer: Yageo) (series: LG)


[3652]IRF 9...


[1426]ISDN, connection cable
[5147]Iskra (Kammrelais) PR15. PR16, PR17
[4857]Iso ring for lamp holder E14
[4872]Iso ring for lamp holder E27
[4870]Iso top holders, E27
[4878]Iso-light fitting B15d
[4867]Iso-light fitting E27 with smooth coat
[4877]Iso-light fitting G24
[4869]Iso-light fitting with outside thread


[152]I... transistors
[6660]ITT 1600 PHONO
[6657]ITT 1700 PHONO
[6647]ITT 50 COMPACT
[6645]ITT 5010
[6648]ITT 51
[6649]ITT 5110
[6655]ITT 7010
[6659]ITT 7400
[6658]ITT 7700
[6662]ITT 8010 B
[6661]ITT 8011
[6650]ITT 95 COMPACT
[6651]ITT 9510
[6652]ITT 96
[6653]ITT 9610
[6656]ITT AP 7910
[6646]ITT ST 40

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