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[4006]H3Y-.. Zeitrelais


[2716]HA 11...
[2717]HA 12...
[2718]HA 13...
[2715]HA 14 ...
[2719]HA 17...
[2397]HA-Relays (Power)
[5024]Halogen (base: E10)
[1006]Halogen bulbs, base: G9
[66]Halogen lamps and systems
[2086]Halogen lamps, base: B15d JD, Single Ended
[5676]Halogen lamps, base: E10, dimensions: 9.3 x 31 mm
[2044]Halogen lamps, base: E11 JD, Single Ended
[2077]Halogen lamps, base: E14 JD, Single Ended
[4804]Halogen lamps, base: JDD BT, E 27, JTT, E27 - E40
[2105]Halogen lamps, base: JDD, E14, E27
[2018]Halogen lamps, base: PX13.5s, DxL: 9.3 x 30 mm
[2019]Halogen lamps, base: PX13.5s, DxL: 9.3 x 31 mm
[4025]Hameleon (Relais)
[4266]Hand Sets
[4987]Hardness Testers, IMPACT


[2398]HB-Relays (Power)
[2210]HBG-100, LED-Schaltnetzteile für Industriebeleuchtung (Fabrikat: Mean Well)


[2411]HC-Relays (Miniature Relay for Wider Aplications)


[252]H... Diodes
[4493]HD ... IC?s


[1377]Heatconductive adhesive, heat conducting foil, thermal transfer compound
[3757]Hengstler, Bauteile, Geräte
[1539]Hex nuts, DIN 934 (material: polyamide 6.6) natural-colored
[1538]Hex screws, DIN 933 (material: polyamide 6.6) natural-colored
[6017]Hex-head self-tapping screw (material: polyphtalamid, glass fibre reinforced ) black
[655]Hexagonal recess screws, DIN912 (material: Nylon, 6.6, natural-colored)


[1933]HF adapter plugs
[47]HF Connectors, Adaptors, BNC, N, PL, SMA, SMB, TNC, Twinax
[3828]HF induction coils (1 uH - 4700 uH) (manufacturer: Epcos)


[2509]HG-Relays (20 Amp Power Relay)
[1722]HGL-60, LED-Schaltnetzteil, 60 - 70 W, IP65


[2713]H... IC's
[5176]HI-CCI (Replacement Relays)
[404]High performance semiconductor fuse, British Style, BS 88:4
[2582]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: CT
[1492]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: EET
[628]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: ET
[1897]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: FE
[2099]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: FEE
[3738]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: FM
[3830]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: FMM
[1737]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: MMT
[3874]High performance semiconductor fuses, type: MT
[5892]High voltage resistors for TV?s
[3279]High-Density, Pin header, Solder cup, (manufacturer: various)
[3280]High-Density, Socket board, Solder cup, (manufacturer: various)
[5773]High-load wire-wound resistor, (manufacturer: Dale)
[5774]High-load wire-wound resistor, 25 W
[5775]High-load wire-wound resistor, 50 W
[6644]Hitachi 1 SYSTEM
[6643]Hitachi 1000 R DIGI
[6642]Hitachi 2 SYSTEM
[6641]Hitachi 200
[6634]Hitachi HT 07
[6633]Hitachi HT 1
[6632]Hitachi HT 101
[6631]Hitachi HT 12
[6630]Hitachi HT 2
[6629]Hitachi HT 20
[6628]Hitachi HT 202
[6627]Hitachi HT 303
[6619]Hitachi HT 324
[6618]Hitachi HT 354
[6617]Hitachi HT 50 S
[6607]Hitachi HT 6
[6622]Hitachi HT 660
[6635]Hitachi HT 7
[6636]Hitachi HTL 303
[6637]Hitachi HTL 33
[6621]Hitachi HTL 5
[6608]Hitachi HTMD 28
[6609]Hitachi HTMD 30
[6638]Hitachi HTMD 40
[6610]Hitachi HTMD 50
[6611]Hitachi HTR 10
[6639]Hitachi MD 1 MIDI
[6640]Hitachi MD 21 MIDI
[6612]Hitachi MD 28
[6613]Hitachi MD 30
[6614]Hitachi MD 40 SYSTEM
[6620]Hitachi MD 5 SYSTEM
[6615]Hitachi MD 50 SYSTEM
[6624]Hitachi SDT 2000
[6623]Hitachi SDT 2000 M
[6626]Hitachi SDT 900
[6625]Hitachi SDT 900 M
[6616]Hitachi T 55 L


[3740]HJ, Relais


[1743]HLG-240, LED-Schaltnetzteil, 192 - 240 W, IP65, IP67
[22213]HLG-320H, LED-Schaltnetzteil
[2239]HLG-320H, LED-Schaltnetzteil
[1759]HLG-80, LED-Schaltnetzteil, 60 - 90 W, IP65






[4874]Holders for fluorescent lamps
[4873]Holders G5
[36]Holders, sockets, for IC's
[5164]Honeywell (Relais)
[121]Hoods for D-Sub, special models
[1730]Hook-and-loop tape
[4429]Horizontal version, 10 mm, pitch: 5 mm x 10 mm
[4421]Horizontal version, 15 mm, pitch: 12.5 mm x 10 mm
[4424]Horizontal version, 15 mm, pitch: 12.5 mm x 10 mm
[4425]Horizontal version, 6 mm, pitch: 5 mm x 5 mm
[1904]Hot condition cable


[2403]HP-Relays (10 Amp Power Relay)




[471]Humidity sensor


[1670]HX2, relays, signal


[2404]HY-Relays (High Sensitivity 1 Form C Relay in Ultra Small Size)
[1567]Hybrid-recorder, BD300, (manufacturer: Kipp & Zonen)

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