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Here you can find almost everything which has to do with electronics or electrotechnology.

EU sales tax

Due to the EU sales tax change that came into force on July 1, 2021, we can only serve customers with a valid tax number in other EU countries! No sale to private end users!

Spacer bolts

We offer spacer bolts and spacer rollers in many different designs. Whether brass, plastic or steel, nickel-plated, galvanized or chromated. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

For intermediate lengths and special designs, we will be happy to make you an offer. ...mehr

Welcome on the homepage of Hinkel Elektronik - your shop for everything about travel adapters, converters and power supplies. If you need a relay, a semiconductor or copper wire - then you are exactly correct in our online shop. In our large range of goods (e.g. switching power supplies, travel adapters or semiconductors) you find everything that has to do with electronics or electrical engineering.

Our Company deals since 1978 with spare parts, components and equipment of electronics and electrical engineering (e.g. power supplies, converters, relays and so on). About 30000 pcs. of our products (silver wire, power supplies, lab power supplies) are always on stock. With this we guarantee that we can cover your need on e.g. relays, semiconductors or converters within 24 hours. Use us as a connection to 500 suppliers and manufacturers of travel adapters and power supplies from all over the world!

If you had problems in the past to with the procurement of electronic components (relays, semiconductors, converters), we are glad to tell you, that you will never have such a problem anymore. We will gladly provide the components like silver wire, copper wire or travel adapters. When you want to take this service at us, please send us your conctact details that we can contact you as soon as poosible regarding your needed parts (power supplies, travel adapters or semiconductors).

A further service of Hinkel Elektronik is the import and the production of customized parts and devices (power supplies, lab power supplies, switching power supplies, electronic kits). We import parts (power supplies, converters and relays) from China and Hongkong for you to extremely cheap prices. A located engineer company is responsible for the quality and the correctness of your order of power supplies, silver wire or semiconductors. In addition you have the possibility to let produce besides completed devices (power supplies, switch power supplies, lab power supplies) also small series according to your individual wishes.

Our comprehensive product range is more than just electronic components like power supplies, relays or travel adapters. In our sales mix we have also wall holders for plasma TV and LCD monitors, ceiling mounts for plasma and LCD TV as well as parts for house, garden and spare time. Also electronic kits, antennae and literature are in our product line.

Our satisfied customers for e.g. converters, copper wire or power supplies are from germany - from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart over Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover up to Duesseldorf and Bremen. So that you feel good at Hinkel Elektronik we are always looking to expand and to optimize our product range (travel adapters, relays, semiconductors). On our high quality standards regarding our products such as power supplies, converters or relays you can trust absolutely.

If you have questions or suggestions to our assortment (semiconductors, converters or travel adapters) please contact us. We are looking forward to help you with any Electronic needs.

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Our offer is directed at schools, government offices, commerce, trades and industries. The prices specified are for 1 item each or packing unit plus VAT plus postage/shipping rates. Please enquire net prices for bulk quantities or projects. Invoices will specify net prices and VAT separately.


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