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Using the Search Machine

Dear Customer,

To facilitate finding items in our product range we have created this search machine.

Our search machine is divided into 5 search areas.

In the field "Keywords" you can enter a familiar name, property, design shape or a type specification.

Assuming you are looking for a semi-conductor of which you know the type specification. e.g. TDA2003H, enter this number in the field "Keywords", select Article-code in the field "Search area", then start the search.

You have a projector lamp of which you know the voltage, watt rating or the socket type, but do not know the type specification. Enter the information in the field Article-description of "Search area" either singly or separated by a commas and start your search. Since we have taken over Article-descriptions for the large part automatically, variations in spelling are possible e.g. "Diode 100 V 3A or "Diode, 100 V, 3 A as well.

The search area Product groups-title refers to the name of the respective page in our shop structure e.g. batteries, mains units or relays.

The search area Product groups-description refers to additional text information given for some group categories.

If you already know our article number, you can enter it in the according field. You can find the artcile number in the bracket behind the article code.

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Our offer is directed at schools, government offices, commerce, trades and industries. The prices specified are for 1 item each or packing unit plus VAT plus postage/shipping rates. Please enquire net prices for bulk quantities or projects. Invoices will specify net prices and VAT separately. Webutation