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[6792]P 24 SL


[313]P 6 KE ...


[435]Package: 0603
[434]Package: SOT23
[4647]Pakistan, Netzstecker
[8017]Pan head screws (material: polyamide, glass fibre reinforced) natural-colored
[5986]Pan head screws, (polyamide, glass fibre reinforced) black
[1536]Pan head screws, DIN 84 (material: polyamide 6.6) natural-colored
[4902]Pan head screws, DIN 84, (material: polyamide 6.6) black
[8399]Pan head screws, heat resistant up to 200 °C, (material: PEEK) natural-brown
[5228]Panasonic, Bauteile, Geräte
[40]Panel meter for installation
[4121]Panic button for Alarmsystem, Alarm key switches
[2224]Pasi, Relais
[17]Passive components
[7032]Pathe MC 2001 V
[7031]Pathe MC 2002 V
[7030]Pathe MC 3002 V
[7035]Pathe RE 13 OPTION
[7034]Pathe TL 151 V
[7033]Pathe TL 251


[5193]P&B, Potter & Brumfield (Relais)


[1103]PC Board Relays
[3724]PC, parallel
[1727]PCB holder
[8124]PCB mount
[1782]PCB-mounting, 4 mm
[3703]PCB-mounting, horizontal version
[2121]PCD-25, LED Switching Power Supplies, AC Dimmable, 25 W


[4492]P... Diodes
[759]PD-25, open-frame, dual-output, 24 - 25 W
[761]PD-45, open-frame, dual-output, 40 - 45 W
[762]PD-65, open-frame, dual-output, 61 - 65 W


[7049]PE 10
[7050]PE 15
[7051]PE 20
[7048]PE 2010
[7047]PE 2012
[7046]PE 2014
[7045]PE 2015
[7044]PE 2016
[7043]PE 2018
[7042]PE 2020
[7041]PE 30
[7040]PE 3012
[7039]PE 3015
[7038]PE 3046
[7036]PE 3048
[7037]PE 3060
[1879]Pestrepeller, Insect killer


[3669]PH... transistors
[1906]Phase coupler
[7149]Philips 102
[7150]Philips 103
[7151]Philips 105
[7152]Philips 106
[7116]Philips 1320
[7117]Philips 1422
[7118]Philips 1424
[7119]Philips 202 ELECTRONIC
[7120]Philips 209 ELECTRONIC
[7153]Philips 222 ELECTRONIC
[7154]Philips 302
[7155]Philips 305
[7156]Philips 306
[7157]Philips 308
[7121]Philips 312 ELECTRONIC
[7182]Philips 511 DE
[7181]Philips 563
[7180]Philips 603
[7179]Philips 673 AUTOMATIC
[7178]Philips 677 ELECTRONIC
[7130]Philips 685 ELECTRONIC
[7177]Philips 686 ELECTRONIC
[7129]Philips 6967 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7176]Philips 6975 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7175]Philips 6987 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7174]Philips 708
[7173]Philips 7222 S
[7172]Philips 777 ELECTRONIC
[7171]Philips 832 ELECTRONIC
[7128]Philips 847
[7127]Philips 852 TAP PALLUS
[7126]Philips 862 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7170]Philips 877 SUPER-ELECTRONIC
[7169]Philips 878 TAP TONMEISTER
[7125]Philips 878 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7168]Philips 888 TAP-FB TONMEISTER
[7167]Philips 944 TAPC
[7124]Philips 953 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7123]Philips 955 TAPC
[7166]Philips 960 TAPC
[7122]Philips 967 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7165]Philips 973 TAPC
[7164]Philips 974 TAPC SATURN
[7162]Philips 984 TAPC Capella
[7161]Philips 985 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7160]Philips 987 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7159]Philips 994 TAPC TONMEISTER
[7158]Philips 995 TONMEISTER
[7163]Philips 997 SUPER-ELECTRONIC
[7060]Philips AF 102
[7183]Philips AF 283
[7061]Philips AF 462
[7062]Philips AF 471
[7063]Philips AF 673
[7064]Philips AF 677
[7065]Philips AF 684
[7066]Philips AF 685
[7067]Philips AF 685 II
[7068]Philips AF 729
[7069]Philips AF 739 II
[7070]Philips AF 777
[7071]Philips AF 829 II
[7072]Philips AF 859
[7073]Philips AF 877
[7074]Philips AF 887
[7075]Philips AF 977
[7076]Philips AH 904
[7077]Philips AT 777
[7078]Philips F 102
[7184]Philips F 130 L
[7185]Philips F 130 R
[7186]Philips F 130 W
[7187]Philips F 131 R
[7188]Philips F 131 W
[7053]Philips F 1628
[7080]Philips F 7081
[7079]Philips F 7111
[7081]Philips F 7114
[7082]Philips F 7120
[7083]Philips F 7212
[7136]Philips F 7213
[7084]Philips F 7222
[7085]Philips F 7224
[7086]Philips F 7226
[7137]Philips F 7511
[7138]Philips F 7521
[7139]Philips F 7610
[7054]Philips FC 1485
[7055]Philips FCD 185
[7056]Philips FCD 285
[7057]Philips FCD 485
[7058]Philips FCD 585
[7087]Philips GA 202
[7088]Philips GA 208
[7140]Philips GA 212
[7089]Philips GA 222
[7090]Philips GA 227
[7091]Philips GA 306
[7092]Philips GA 406
[7093]Philips GA 408
[7094]Philips GA 418
[7095]Philips GA 427
[7141]Philips GA 437
[7096]Philips GC 002
[7097]Philips GC 006
[7098]Philips GC 007
[7099]Philips GC 008
[7100]Philips GC 009
[7101]Philips GC 012
[7142]Philips GC 012 ELECTRONIC
[7102]Philips GC 018
[7103]Philips GC 022
[7104]Philips GC 027
[7105]Philips GC 720
[7106]Philips GC 732
[7107]Philips GC 734
[7108]Philips GC 802
[7143]Philips GC 827
[7109]Philips GC 837
[7052]Philips GC 852
[7110]Philips GF 808
[7111]Philips GF 824
[7112]Philips GF 904
[7113]Philips GF 907
[7114]Philips GF 908
[7144]Philips GT 406
[7145]Philips RH 802
[7146]Philips RH 829
[7147]Philips RH 892
[7115]Philips RH 935
[7148]Philips RH 943
[7059]Philips VSP 260
[3758]Phoenix (Relais)
[3159]Phone plug, 4-pole, 2.5 mm
[3162]Phone plug, 4-pole, 3.5 mm
[3157]Phone plug, mono, 2.5 mm
[3160]Phone plug, mono, 3.5 mm
[3163]Phone plug, mono, 6.3 mm
[3164]Phone plug, mono, 6.3 mm, body with color marking
[3161]Phone plug, stereo, 3.5 mm
[3165]Phone plug, stereo, 6.3 mm
[4129]Phone travel adaptor for abroad
[1150]Photo diodes
[1153]Photo resistors
[1152]Photo transistors
[426]Photodiode with Daylight Filter
[1471]Photopositive boards
[3742]Phynix, Surfix, Paintcheck Plus, Schichtdickenmessgerät


[2876]P... , IC's
[820]Piccolo glow lamps
[5163]Pickering (Relais)
[3707]Piezo alarm buzzer, cable conncetion
[8095]Piezo wafer, 12 - 50 mm (manufacturer: IMO)
[1059]Piezo wafer, 12 - 50 mm (manufacturer: Kingstate)
[3706]Piezo wafer, Piezo sound converter without electronics
[2014]Piggy back disconnects, 6.3 mm, packaging unit: 100 pcs.
[5449]Pilot lamp with flat end caps, DxL: 6.3 x 31 mm
[5160]Pilz (Relais, Schaltgeräte)
[5669]Pin base lamps, halogen, base: GY6.35
[1374]Pin base lamps, halogen, Xenon, base: G4
[3270]Pin header with plastic angle
[3276]Pin header, IDC
[3262]Pin header, PCB-mounting
[126]Pin header, sockets, circuit board connectors
[3261]Pin header, Solder cup
[4416]Pin terminals, not insulated
[7239]Pioneer IF 100
[7210]Pioneer PL 05
[7238]Pioneer PL 2007
[7189]Pioneer PL 210
[7191]Pioneer PL 223
[7190]Pioneer PL 223 S
[7192]Pioneer PL 282
[7193]Pioneer PL 292
[7194]Pioneer PL 333
[7195]Pioneer PL 333 S
[7196]Pioneer PL 340
[7211]Pioneer PL 4
[7244]Pioneer PL 405
[7212]Pioneer PL 44 F
[7243]Pioneer PL 443
[7242]Pioneer PL 443 S
[7241]Pioneer PL 450
[7265]Pioneer PL 460
[7240]Pioneer PL 480
[7237]Pioneer PL 5400
[7252]Pioneer PL 560
[7251]Pioneer PL 570
[7213]Pioneer PL 620
[7214]Pioneer PL 7
[7215]Pioneer PL 720
[7250]Pioneer PL 760
[7249]Pioneer PL 770 A
[7264]Pioneer PL 770 B
[7248]Pioneer PL 777
[7216]Pioneer PL 780
[7217]Pioneer PL 8
[7247]Pioneer PL 880
[7218]Pioneer PL 930
[7246]Pioneer PL 960
[7245]Pioneer PL 980
[7219]Pioneer PLL 800
[7220]Pioneer PLX 50
[7221]Pioneer PLX 770
[7222]Pioneer PLX 990
[7223]Pioneer PU 31
[7224]Pioneer PU 41
[7197]Pioneer S 15 CDM
[7225]Pioneer S 41
[7226]Pioneer S 42
[7227]Pioneer S 5
[7231]Pioneer S 9
[7232]Pioneer SC 55
[7259]Pioneer STF 8
[7233]Pioneer SX 5
[7258]Pioneer X 1500
[7198]Pioneer X 2000 SYSTEM
[7257]Pioneer X 2500
[7234]Pioneer X 67
[7235]Pioneer X 770 SYSTEM
[7236]Pioneer X 990 SYSTEM
[7199]Pioneer X A 5 SYSTEM
[7200]Pioneer X D 44
[7201]Pioneer X D 44 S
[7202]Pioneer X D 55
[7203]Pioneer X D 55 S
[7204]Pioneer X D 55 W
[7205]Pioneer X D 55 WS
[7206]Pioneer X D 77
[7207]Pioneer X D 77 S
[7208]Pioneer X D 77 W
[7209]Pioneer X D 77 WS
[7256]Pioneer XA 11
[7255]Pioneer XA 33
[7254]Pioneer XA 444
[7253]Pioneer XA 777
[7260]Pioneer XD 9 WS
[7263]Pioneer XD 99
[7262]Pioneer XD 99 S
[7261]Pioneer XD 99 W
[4261]Pitch: 3.96 mm


[1773]PKI 10 A (manufacturer: Hirschmann)


[5071]Plastic boxes with battery compartment, ...
[2552]Plastic boxes with battery compartment, according to outside lengths
[5068]Plastic boxes with battery compartment, outside length 100 to 119 mm
[5065]Plastic boxes with battery compartment, outside length up to 99 mm
[5092]Plastic boxes with plastic cover
[2146]Plastic boxes with two bowls, front- and backside changeable
[1422]Plastic boxes, outside lengt: 125 to 129 mm
[1160]Plastic boxes, outside length: 0 to 69 mm
[1349]Plastic boxes, outside length: 100 bis 124 mm
[1341]Plastic boxes, outside length: 130 bis 159 mm
[1358]Plastic boxes, outside length: 160 to 179 mm
[1314]Plastic boxes, outside length: 180 to 210 mm
[695]Plastic boxes, outside length: 70 to 79 mm
[1342]Plastic boxes, outside length: 80 bis 85 mm
[1335]Plastic boxes, pult housing for loud speakers, 150 x 80 x 45 mm
[1381]Plastic boxes, sorted by outside length
[1405]Plastic screws
[1726]Plastic tank
[1570]PLC-100, LED Switching Power Supplies, 60 - 96 W
[2123]PLC-30, LED Switching Power Supplies, 30 W
[1920]PLC-45, LED Switching Power Supplies, 45 W
[1685]PLC-60, LED Switching Power Supplies, 60 W
[1146]PLCC-mountings, SMD
[881]PLN-60, LED Switching Power Supplies, 60 W, IP64
[1429]PLP-20, LED Switching Power Supplies, open-frame, single output, 20 W
[8038]Plug housing to produce plug power supplies
[1382]Plug housing, euro plug
[8039]Plug housing, Safety contact
[8040]Plug housing, with safety contact power socket
[3911]Plug, right angle version
[4290]Plug-in sockets
[5861]Plug-in sockets for comb relays
[1375]Plug-in sockets for relays (manufacturer: Finder)
[5860]Plug-in sockets for relays (manufacturer: Schrack)
[5040]Plug-in sockets, accessories (manufacturer: Zettler)
[721]Plug-in Switching Power Supplies, Series: GS18E, single output, 15-18 W
[7672]Plug-in transformer
[1510]Plugs, Loudspeaker


[4990]POCKET-SURFIX, Coating Thickness Gauges
[1183]Polarized DIP relay
[2219]Polen, Elektromaterial
[5984]Polyamide screws and nuts
[4901]Polyamide, glass fibre reinforced
[2090]Populating- and Soldering Frame
[4861]Porcelain lamp holders E27
[4985]Porosity Detector, DC COMPACT
[468]Position Sensor
[566]Potentiometer, Cermet, Achse: 6 mm, (Vishay)
[1952]Potentiometers with switch
[1951]Potentiometers, mono, spindle: 6mm
[1950]Potentiometers, mono, with detent, spindle: 6 mm
[448]Potentiometers, mono, with slotted spindle: 6 mm
[1235]Potentiometers, stereo, spindle: 4 mm
[1949]Potentiometers, stereo, spindle: 4 mm
[188]Power Bridge Rectifiers, 400 V to 1600 V, 30 A, 50 A (manufacturer: Semikron) (series: SKB)
[5243]Power Plug for UK, Great Britain
[5155]Power plugs for Australia
[5243]Power plugs for India, Ceylon, Kenya, Nigeria
[5152]Power plugs for Italia
[5158]Power plugs for Japan
[5153]Power plugs for Switzerland
[3113]Power plugs for USA
[8132]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(serie: SRM)
[8144]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: EB1)
[8146]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: ERN-LP)
[8145]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: ET1)
[8148]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRB)
[8149]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRC)
[8150]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRD)
[8151]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRF)
[8152]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRG)
[8153]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRH)
[8154]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRM)
[8155]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRP)
[8147]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRR)
[8156]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRS)
[8157]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRT)
[8158]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRV)
[8159]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRW)
[8160]Power Relay, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: SRY)
[1175]Power relays
[8098]Power relays
[917]Power supplies, 12 V
[918]Power supplies, 14 V
[2525]Power supplies, controllable
[1784]Power Supplies, Primary Switched Power Supplies, Switching Power Supplies for installation in control cabinet (top hat rail mounting)
[2433]Power Supply Cable,áIEC power cord , for USA, with IEC C13 line socket
[2560]Power Supply Cable,áIEC power cord, for UK
[730]Power Supply Cable,áIEC power cord, Mains lead
[3889]Power Supply Cables both sides angled
[3890]Power Supply Cables with angled Schuko Plug and IEC line socket
[3884]Power Supply Cables with safety contact plug, Wire End Sleeves (in stock)
[3888]Power Supply Extension Cables (IEC line plug to IEC line socket)
[3885]Power Supply Rubber Cables, Wire End Sleeves
[3224]Power Supply Units
[5790]Power Supply, 15 V
[5792]Power Supply, 18 V
[5805]Power Supply, 3-12 V switchable
[5791]Power Supply, 3.3 V
[5798]Power Supply, 30 V
[5796]Power Supply, 48 V
[4453]Power Supply, 5 V
[5801]Power Supply, 5/12 V dual output
[5795]Power Supply, 7.5 V
[5789]Power Supply, 9 V
[3886]Powercord with molded euro plug, Eurocode


[982]PPS-125, 125W Single Output with PFC Function, open-frame
[986]PPS-200, 200W Single Output with PFC Function, open-frame


[1239]Precision potentiometer (manufacturer: Spectrol)
[1834]Press-in socket
[469]Pressure Sensors
[1198]Print transformers
[2308]Print transformers, according to ENEC10, VDE, UL, CSA, absolute short-circuit-proof
[2055]Printed circuit board connectors, IDC
[4314]Probes, BNC-Banana adaptors
[2246]Projector lamps with mirror
[2257]Projector lamps without reflector
[2242]Projector lamps, conventional
[1266]Protective grids for fans


[6552]PS 2600
[938]PS-05, open-frame, Single Output Switching Power Supply, 5 to 5.4 W
[973]PS-15, 15W Single Output Switching Power Supply, open-frame
[979]PS-25, 25W Single Output Switching Power Supply, open-frame
[980]PS-45, 45W Single Output Switching Power Supply, open-frame
[981]PS-65, 65W Single Output Switching Power Supply, open-frame
[978]PSM-15, 15 W Universal Input, Single Output, open-frame


[370]P... thyristors
[240]P... transistors
[770]PT-45, open- frame, triple-output, 40 - 43 W
[771]PT-65, open- frame, triple-output, 60 - 68 W
[1257]PTT-125, open- frame, triple-output, 79 - 101 W


[1380]Pult boxes
[4932]Push button, PCB-mounting, horizontal version (manufacturer: Tyco)
[3876]Push-buttons, Push-switches


[6]PV, nickel-plated, polished
[1464]PVC-cable glands


[3154]Pyropen (51606099)
[1998]Pyropen Piezo (51605999)

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