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[4265]Radio-controlled clock movement
[4215]Rapa (Relais)


[8394]RC ... IC's
[3176]RCA chassis print jacks
[3168]RCA, Cinch line sockets, metal
[3183]RCA, Cinch line sockets, with cable protector
[3182]RCA, cinch line sockets, without cable protector
[3181]RCA, cinch plug, angled
[3177]RCA, Cinch plugs with cable protector
[3179]RCA, Cinch plugs, metal
[3169]RCA, Cinch sockets
[3170]RCA, Cinch sockets, PCB-mounting


[241]R... Diodes
[4134]RD, Relais, HF


[1094]Rectifier (package: SMD)
[1092]Rectifier, bridge rectifier
[184]Rectifiers, round, 40 V to 560 V, 1.5 A
[185]Rectifiers, round, 50 V to 1000 V, 2.0 A
[1978]Reed contacts (alarm systems)
[5142]Reed Contacts, Reed Switches, Reed Sensors
[2455]Reed Sensors (PCB and SMD mounting)
[2511]Reed-Relays, axial, Guard (series: 731, 732, 733, 734)(manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1476]Reed-Relays, axial (serie: 207, 208, 209, 210) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1621]Reed-Relays, axial (serie: 238) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1474]Reed-Relays, Dual-in-Line (serie: 361, 362, 363, 364) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[803]Reed-Relays, Dual-in-Line (series: 201, 202, 203, 204) ( manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[664]Reed-Relays, Dual-in-Line (series: 271/2, 272/2) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1401]Reed-Relays, Dual-in-Line (series: 273, 273/9) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1475]Reed-Relays, Dual-in-Line, Hg, (series: 201,202,203, 204) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2504]Reed-Relays, High insulated, axial (series: 205/4) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2505]Reed-Relays, High insulated, axial (series: 207/2, 208/2) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2508]Reed-Relays, High insulated, Guard (series: 320H2) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2501]Reed-Relays, High voltage (serie: 320H2/3, 320H2/6) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2495]Reed-Relays, High voltage (series: 293) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2496]Reed-Relays, High voltage (series: 294) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2498]Reed-Relays, High voltage (series: 320H2/1, 320H2/19) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2499]Reed-Relays, High voltage (series: 320H2/24, 320H2/25) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1708]Reed-Relays, miniature (series: 241, 242, 243, 244) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2201]Reed-Relays, miniature (series: 531, 532, 533, 534) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2494]Reed-Relays, miniature, Hg (series: 531, 532, 533, 534) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1424]Reed-Relays, Single-in-Line (serie: 276/1, 276/2) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[702]Reed-Relays, single-in-Line (series: 276) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1427]Reed-Relays, Single-in-Line (series: 277/1, 277/2) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[1754]Reed-Relays, Single-in-Line, HG (serie: 276) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2169]Reed-Relays, standard (series: 519, 520, 529, 530) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[2510]Reed-Relays, standard, Guard (series: 719, 720, 729, 730) (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[416]Reflectors for LED's
[3439]Reflectors, round, screwable
[3966]Reflectors, round, with self-adhesive foil
[3438]Reflectors, square, for sticking
[3393]Reflectors, square, screwable
[3963]Reflectors, square, with self-adhesive foil
[1442]Relais (Fabrikat: Celduc)
[2334]Relais (Fabrikat: Elesta)
[3728]Relais (Fabrikat: Elfein)
[877]Relais, (Fabrikat: Schrack) (Serie: RZ)
[7847]Relais, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: PT)
[3760]Relay Go, Relais
[3977]Relay modules (manufacturer: Murr)
[8200]Relay, (manufacturer: Alcatel)
[8180]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: MR
[8174]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RA)
[8179]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RL)
[8177]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RM)
[8181]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RS
[8182]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RU)
[8183]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RUD)
[8178]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RX)
[8175]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RYS)
[8176]Relay, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RYSE)
[34]Relays (according to manufacturers)
[1356]Relays (for cars)
[123]Relays (manufacturer: Aromat, Matsushita, Nais, SDS)
[1133]Relays (manufacturer: Axicom, Tyco)
[660]Relays (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[4622]Relays (manufacturer: Erni)
[6273]Relays (manufacturer: Feme)
[7979]Relays (manufacturer: Finder)
[5927]Relays (manufacturer: Goodsky)
[7846]Relays (manufacturer: Günther)
[4583]Relays (manufacturer: Hengstler)
[4650]Relays (manufacturer: Hongfa)
[8060]Relays (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)
[4581]Relays (manufacturer: Iskra)
[1272]Relays (manufacturer: Kuhnke)
[623]Relays (manufacturer: Meder)
[4896]Relays (Manufacturer: Metaltex)
[5606]Relays (manufacturer: OEG, Tyco)
[1348]Relays (manufacturer: Omron)
[3193]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: C6J-2FS) Signal
[1054]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G2A...)
[5931]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G2E) Signal
[5955]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G2R) Power
[5956]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G2RL) Power
[6007]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3CN) Solid State
[6016]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3DZ) Solid-State
[6011]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3M) Solid-State
[6012]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3MB) Solid-State
[6013]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3MC) Solid-State
[6006]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3NA) Solid-State
[6008]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3NE) Solid-State
[6009]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3R/G3RD) Solid-State
[6010]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3RI/O) Solid State
[6015]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3S/G3SD) Solid-State
[6014]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G3TB) Solid-State
[5959]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G4A) Power
[5957]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G4W) Power
[5938]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5A) Signal
[5943]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5B) Power
[5953]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5C/E) Power
[5952]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5LE) Power
[5947]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5PA-1) Power
[5948]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5PA-2) Power
[5950]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5Q-EU) Power
[5944]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5S)
[5930]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5V-1) Signal
[5934]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5V-1) Signal
[1057]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G5V-2) Signal
[5939]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6A-4) Signal
[5949]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6B) Power
[5954]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6C) Power
[5946]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6D) Power
[5932]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6E) Signal
[3191]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6H-2F) Signal
[3195]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6J-2FL) Signal
[5935]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6J-2P) Signal
[3207]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2F) Signal
[5937]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2G) Signal
[5961]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2P) Signal
[5962]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2P) Signal
[5963]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2P) Signal
[5964]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2P) Signal
[5965]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6K-2P) Signal
[3189]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6L-1F) Signal
[5945]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6M) Power
[5951]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6RN) Power
[3196]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6S-2) Signal
[5936]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6S-2F) Signal
[3206]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6S-2G) Signal
[5942]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6W-1P) Signal
[5940]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6Y) Signal
[5941]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G6Z-1PE) Signal
[1068]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G7L-1A-P) Power
[1069]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G7L-2A-P) Power
[5958]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8...) Power
[6002]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8DN2) car, automotive
[6000]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8HN) car, automotive
[6004]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8JN) car, automotive
[6005]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8JR) car, automotive
[6001]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8N1) car, automotive
[6003]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8NW) car, automotive
[5997]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8QN) car, automotive
[5999]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8SE) car, automotive
[5998]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series: G8SN) car, automotive
[5933]Relays (manufacturer: Omron) (series:G6L-1P) Signal
[1907]Relays (manufacturer: Relpol)
[552]Relays (manufacturer: Schrack)
[1586]Relays (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: MT)
[438]Relays (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RE)
[553]Relays (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RT)
[1439]Relays (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: ZT)
[1346]Relays (manufacturer: Siemens, Tyco)
[581]Relays (manufacturer: Song Chuan)
[2015]Relays (manufacturer: Takamisawa)
[1093]Relays (manufacturer: Tyco)
[423]Relays (manufacturer: Zettler)
[4654]Relays with force guided contacts (manufacturer: Elesta)
[1194]Relays, (manufacturer: IMO/NEC)(series: ENJ) power
[830]Relays, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RP)
[5143]Relays, (manufacturer: Schrack) (series: RY)
[4940]Relays, AT1R, Miniature
[5008]Relays, HFD2, Miniature
[4801]Relays, J1,Miniature-Power
[4235]Relays, JX1R, Miniature-Power
[689]Relays, JX2R,Miniature-Power
[4969]Relays, JXA1R, Miniature-Power
[4972]Relays, JXB1R
[4976]Relays, JXC1R, JXC2R
[4977]Relays, JZ, Compact
[4979]Relays, JZA1NA, JZC1NA, Solid state
[4942]Relays, MA1R, Ultra-Miniature
[4889]Relays, MB1R, Ultra-Miniature
[4326]Relays, ME1NA, Ultra-Miniature
[4803]Relays, ML2R, Miniature
[4898]Relays, MQ2R, Ultra-Miniature
[4943]Relays, MZ, Miniature
[5003]Relays, PRZ, Interface, Module
[4918]Relays, RD, Reed
[4934]Relays, SH1NA, Micro-Reed
[6023]Relays, Special Types (manufacturer: Binsack, Steinecker)
[4944]Relays, TH1NA, Miniature
[4967]Relays,SB1R, SBA1R, Automotive
[3766]Releco, Relais
[470]Remaining stock Chokes
[467]Remaining stock Semiconductors
[4198]Remaining stock, Computer connecting cable
[643]Remaining stocks, Connecting cable, Cords, Leads
[692]Remaining stocks, Stock lots (complete list)
[3935]Remaining stocks, stock lots, power supplies, electric power supplies
[2289]Resistance wire on mini coils, CuNi 44
[1669]Resistance wire, CrFeAl-Mo
[5925]Resistance wire, Cu Ni
[7966]Resistance wire, insulating: ETFE, -100 to + 150 °C
[1508]resistance wire, insulating: PVC, -20 to + 105 °C
[8396]Resistance wire, Ni Cr
[4602]Resistors, 11 W, manufacturer: Visaton
[4601]Resistors, 5 W, manufacturer: Visaton
[3269]Restposten, extraordinary item, capacitors, cap?s
[2529]Reversing Contactor AC


[6019]RF Relays


[2479]RG-Relays (High Frequency RG Relays with 1C and 2C Contacts)


[2608]RH, Relays, High Frequency
[2556]RheDamp 50/ shock absorbers


[2892]R... IC's
[783]Ring core splitted with plastic housing
[3949]Rivet solder lugs


[4905]RJ, Western, Modular-Plug, unshielded
[2158]RJ... to Sub-D adapters


[5041]RK 1028 CH, capacitance: 45.0 l
[2412]RK-Relays (High Frequency Relay)


[1044]RM 3,5mm, 1 CO, 10 A (manufacturer: Finder)(series: 40.31)
[1045]RM 5mm, 1 CO, 10 A (manufacturer: Finder)(series: 40.51)
[1047]RM 5mm, 1 CO, 16 A (manufacturer: Finder)(series: 40.61)
[1046]RM 5mm, 2 CO, 5 A ( manufacturer: Finder)(series: 40.52)


[1320]Rocker switches
[2346]Rocker switches (19 mm x 13 mm)
[2345]Rocker switches (21 mm x 15 mm)
[2347]Rocker switches (22 mm x 19 mm)
[2348]Rocker switches (30 mm x 11 mm)
[2349]Rocker switches (30 mm x 22 mm)
[7274]Rosita 251 POWER TOWER
[7275]Rosita 389 REGIE
[7276]Rosita 394
[7301]Rosita 400 REGIE
[7277]Rosita 401 REGIE
[7278]Rosita 403 REGIE
[7279]Rosita 403 REGIE
[7280]Rosita 4040 KOPENHAGEN
[7281]Rosita 4060 AUGSBURG
[7282]Rosita 522
[7300]Rosita 600 REGIE
[7283]Rosita 747
[7284]Rosita 84 AMSTERDAM
[7285]Rosita 84 BRÜSSEL
[7286]Rosita 84 GÖTEBURG
[7287]Rosita 84 LISSABON
[7288]Rosita 84 LUZERN
[7290]Rosita 84 MADRID
[7289]Rosita 84 MÜNCHEN
[7291]Rosita 84 OSLO
[7292]Rosita 84 PARIS
[7293]Rosita 84 ROTTERDAM
[7294]Rosita 84 SALZBURG
[7296]Rosita 84 STOCKHOLM
[7297]Rosita 84 STRAßBURG
[7298]Rosita 85 KIEL
[7299]Rosita 85 MAINZ
[7306]Rosita KL 3400
[7302]Rosita KL 3900
[7305]Rosita MX 960
[7272]Rosita RPP 3270
[7295]Rosita SPEYER
[7304]Rosita TAPC 6500
[7303]Rosita TAPC 7700
[7273]Rosita WORMS
[149]Rotary switches, miniature, interruptive, with spindle
[4988]Roughness Gauges
[4919]Round buttons, circular mounting, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm
[3939]Round, Silver-plated
[4209]Round, tin-plated


[769]RPD-65, open-frame, dual-output, 60 W
[1234]RPT-65, open- frame, triple-output, 63 - 66 W


[1671]R, relays, signal


[2406]RS-Relays (Half Size Amber Relay)
[4482]RS232C / V.24
[878]RSP-1500, Switching Power Supplies, single output


[3670]R... transistors


[1402]Rubber feet
[8206]Rubber metal buffer, type: A, threaded bolt: on both sides
[8207]Rubber metal buffer, type: B, threaded bolt: one-sided + thread hole
[8209]Rubber metal buffer, type: D, threaded bolt: one-sided
[1593]Rubber metal buffers, cylindrical



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