General terms

General Terms of Business

solely in Internet trade with firms

1. Pre-Contract Terms

a) The customer may enquire about electronic components in the HINKEL ELEKTRONIK Internet Shop. Where no prices or approx. prices are specified the item/s ordered must be purchased. In this case HINKEL ELEKTRONIK will advise the customer prior to concluding the contract, whether and at what expected price the item can be procured.

b) In certain cases the item/s will be sent from the supplier only after the customer has remitted the entire purchase sum to HINKEL ELEKTRONIK. The sum may be paid either by credit card, bank transfer or by direct debit authorization.

c) In cases where advance payment of the expected purchase price is required, the customer confirms a binding order at the expected price only with payment of the entire purchase sum.

d) Where the item/s is/are in stock or where the item may be procured at a guaranteed price and a remittance is not required as specified under 1b) the general legal stipulations apply for the conclusion of the contract.

e) The customer agrees that personal data he has submitted will be saved electronically.

Conclusion of Contract

a) Since alterations at short notice in regards to availability, prices and quantities are common in the trade, and consequently HINKEL ELEKTRONIK cannot guarantee that the desired item can be procured at the expected price, a contract is only concluded as soon as HINKEL ELEKTRONIK advises the customer that it is in possession of the item/s.

b) If the price is higher than the originally expected approximate price, the customer may cancel the order. The same applies where an agreed delivery deadline has been surpassed. In such cases HINKEL ELEKTRONIK is obliged return the sum paid in advance. The customer may not file further claims.

c) Minimum orders must amount to 20. Orders under 20 need not be processed by HINKEL ELEKTRONIK

3. Delivery

a) The customer may obtain information on standard postage/packaging costs as listed under the relevant home page item. If additional postage/packaging costs other than the standard/packaging costs due to the character of the order or where costs of insurance are due, the customer will be notified separately before the order is processed.

b) If an item is ordered after the expiration of a deadline as advertised either on the web site or expressly specified elsewhere, the customer need not be advised separately that the item is no longer available.

c) Agreements regarding delivery deadlines need the express approval of HINKEL ELEKTRONIK. With non-compliance regarding deadlines liability is limited to the return of goods free-of-charge for late delivery. Further liability cannot be accepted.

d) An agreed delivery period begins with the payment of the goods, however not before clarification with the customer of any unclear technical details and the procurement of any documents and approval certifications required for processing the order.

e) Delivery of goods may also be carried out in part. Any resulting additional costs will be borne by HINKEL ELEKTRONIK.


a) The goods supplied are to be checked by the customer within 10 days of delivery. Complaints can only be taken into consideration if made within 2 weeks after receipt of the goods.

b) When a complaint has been filed the customer has to give HINKEL ELEKTRONIK adequate time and opportunity to check the claim and ,if necessary, repair the defect/s within an adequate time period. According to choice HINKEL ELEKTRONIK reserves the right to replace the defect goods with an equivalent item. If the defects are not repaired or a replacement not supplied within an appointed time, the customer may request a suitable reduction in price or cancel the contract of purchase as he chooses.

c) All claims become void where goods have been tampered with or repair efforts carried out or third party companies engaged to carry out repairs without the approval of HINKEL ELEKTRONIK A return of the goods tampered with or reimbursement herefor is not possible.

d) Where goods have been supplied in the original packaging, these are to be returned as well.

e) A 1-year warranty is granted for used components ordered.

5. Exclusion of Liability

a) Specifications, descriptions and illustrations of goods advertised on the HINKEL ELEKTRONIK web site have been compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, no liability is accepted regarding the correctness of these specifications, descriptions and illustrations. In particular this applies to any modifications carried out through the manufacturer.

b) Claims for damages and subsequent damages from faulty goods are excluded.

c) An order solely covers the procurement and supply of components. Where information is requested and given which may be regarded as advisory no liability whatsoever will be accepted. Application, use and integration of the goods supplied lie within the sole responsibility of the customer. Any specifications and instructions about the suitability and use of the goods supplied are not binding and provide no reasons for claims.

d) HINKEL ELEKTRONIK does not accept responsibility for the contents of other web sites referred to on its own web site.

e) The limitations of liability mentioned above do not apply for claims filed in accordance with 1 ff. Product Liability Law, for claims resulting from deliberate deceitful actions, for claims in conjunction with liability of an express warranty for quality and for claims based on loss of life, injuries or damage to the health of the customer or to his organs and that of his employees. A change in the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the customer is not connected with the afore-mentioned stipulations.

f) In our online shop we sell various items which are exclusively intended for the export and from there manufactured with consideration of the conditions of the safety engineering in the regulation countries. This depends on others than in Germany/the European Union valid safety requirements. Because of that the parts must not be brought in the market of Germany/the European Union.

6. Laws and Jurisdiction of Court

a) The entire contract is subject solely to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

b) Where the customer is a trader in accordance with the legal stipulations, it is agreed through this contract to determine the District Court in Pirmasens to settle any disputes.

c) Should one of the afore-mentioned stipulations be invalid entirely or in part, the validity of the others remain untouched. As far as the laws allow the legal stipulation nearest to the invalid one regarding form, sense and purpose as to the economic aspect is to be valid.


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