Terms of payment

For payment we distinguish between the following customer categories:

  1. Company customers
  2. Schools, universities, government offices

Either of these customer categories may take advantage of various forms of payment depending on their location. Should any problems arise, please contact us directly. With exceptions other forms of payment are possible with prior agreement.

Attention! Customers from other European countries can only buy with tax number with us!

Customers with Seat in Germany::

  • advance payment
  • paypal
  • COD
  • bank debit (from 300.00 EUR and positive credit check)
  • Invoice (from 300.00 EUR and positive credit check)

A credit check may be carried out from an order value of 300.00 EUR. With positive results we will supply the customer with invoice with payment due within 10 days net.

Customers with Seat outside of Germany::

  • advance payment
  • paypal

Schools, Universities, Government Offices::

are basically supplied with invoice - payment within 10 days net

[ 12.04.2024 | Hinkel Elektronik | Impressum | AGB | ]

Our offer is directed at schools, government offices, commerce, trades and industries. The prices specified are for 1 item each or packing unit plus VAT plus postage/shipping rates. Please enquire net prices for bulk quantities or projects. Invoices will specify net prices and VAT separately. Webutation