Here you can download our remaining stock list and stock lists. These are in different data types at your disposal. If you want to quote us a lot, please contact us at

We set your lists on our page of remaining stock free of charge for you. You can offer the position against bids or with a target price (lowest bid). You can decide if you only want to sell the complete post or if you are willing to sell several items.

You commit yourself only to tell us immediately if you sold the posts otherwise.

WIf you want to make a bid for a complete post or several items you can do this over the link "make a bid". Or if you download the list with your bids and fax it to 0049 (0)6331-62413.

We reserve ourselves the right to decline the setting up of lists on our remaining stock page. Because we are mainly quote remaining stocks which belongs to an order from a customer, there is the possibility that your bid will be rejected, but the post is available furthermore. In this case the vendor have to advise a lowest bid or the post will be removed from our page.

Remainingstocklist for download

Stock Semiconductor, Relays .xls (595.0 KB) 24.07.2012 10:48 your bid


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Our offer is directed at schools, government offices, commerce, trades and industries. The prices specified are for 1 item each or packing unit plus VAT plus postage/shipping rates. Please enquire net prices for bulk quantities or projects. Invoices will specify net prices and VAT separately. Webutation