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[2817]M 1...


[2818]M 2...


[2819]M 4...


[2820]M 5...
[2821]M 51...
[2822]M 52...
[2823]M 53...
[2824]M 54...


[234]MA ...
[4172]Magnecraft (Relais)
[1893]Magnetic valve
[4246]Magnetic voltage stabilizer
[2103]Magnifying glasses, Magnifying lamps
[1251]Mains voltage socket, for installation
[4903]Makrolon, grey
[3918]Male cable connector
[3120]Male cable connector, cable outlet 3 - 6 mm
[5990]Male cable connector, cable outlet 6 - 8 mm
[3922]Male cable connector
[2066]Male disconnects , 4.8 mm, packaging unit = 100 pcs.
[2141]Male disconnects , 6.3 mm, packaging unit = 1000 pcs.
[2047]Male disconnects, 2.8 mm, packaging unit: 100 pcs.
[3312]Male multipoint connector, straight
[3920]Male socket
[1864]Male terminals, not insulated, 4.8 mm
[1863]Male terminals, not insulated, 6.3 mm
[6726]Marantz TT 140
[6717]Marantz TT 151
[6725]Marantz TT 165
[6724]Marantz TT 170
[6719]Marantz TT 185
[6723]Marantz TT 240
[6722]Marantz TT 340
[6718]Marantz TT 400
[6721]Marantz TT 430
[6727]Marantz TT 451
[6720]Marantz TT 483
[1739]Material thickness: 1.5 mm, copper foil: 0.035 mm
[1745]Material thickness: 1.5 mm, copper foil: 0.035 mm
[1134]Material: ALNICO
[1136]Material: NDFEB
[1135]Material: SMCO
[2828]MAX 1...
[2829]MAX 2...
[2830]MAX 3...
[2831]MAX 4...
[2832]MAX 5...
[2833]MAX 6...
[2834]MAX 7...
[2835]MAX 8...
[2836]MAX 9...




[2839]MC 10...
[2840]MC 12...
[2841]MC 13...
[2842]MC 14...
[2843]MC 15...
[2579]MC 16...
[2844]MC 17...
[2845]MC 3...
[2846]MC 4...
[2847]MC 6...
[2848]MC 7...
[2886]MC, PIC 12 ...
[2885]MC, PIC 16 ...
[559]MC, PIC 17 ...
[1619]MC, PIC 18 ...
[560]MC, PIC 6...
[372]MCR ...


[2274]MDR-10, Schaltnetzteil, 10 W, DIN-Schienenmontage, single-output
[958]MDR-20, 20W Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply
[965]MDR-40, 40W Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply
[964]MDR-60, 60W Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply


[5017]ME, brass polished
[4133]MEAN WELL Switching power supplies
[80]Measuring instruments, Testing instruments
[31]Mechanical components
[5159]Medical Lamps
[11]Memory, D-RAM, S-RAM, SD-RAM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash
[108]Mercury switch/ tilt switch
[2028]Mercury, 1.35 V
[1388]Metal boxes
[595]Metal Bridge Rectifiers, 50 V to 1000 V, 10 A to 35 A, wire terminal
[4868]Metal holders E27 with outside thread
[4865]Metal holders E27 with smooth coat
[4855]Metal ring for lamp holder E14
[4871]Metal ring for lamp holder E27
[6466]Metz 3983
[6728]Metz 4730
[6597]Metz TX 4983


[2816]M... IC's
[1192]Micro miniature polarized relays
[1324]Micro switches
[148]Micro switches without lever
[2631]Microcontrollers, MC
[4115]Microfuses, 10,3 x 38 mm
[1519]Microfuses, 5 x 25 mm, with indicator
[1501]Microfuses, 5 x 30 mm
[1973]Microphone cables, cables for musicians
[1938]Microphone cartridges
[4191]Microphone holder
[3145]Microphone panel plug
[3147]Microphone plug
[1507]Microphone plugs
[3144]Microphone sockets
[3997]Microphone speaker
[1942]Microphones, wireless
[4167]Mineral insulated thermocouples
[1910]Mini cable lugs
[618]Mini cable lugs, fork-type, uninsulated
[3150]Mini DIN jack
[3149]Mini DIN plug
[4462]Mini-DIN Connection adaptors
[1509]Mini-DIN plugs
[1409]Miniature aluminium boxes, series: A + B (manufacturer: Teko)
[1410]Miniature aluminium boxes, series: N
[2438]Miniature circuit board connectors, pitch: 2.54
[1820]Miniature connector/ -coupling, 2 mm
[1839]Miniature couplings, 2.6 mm
[84]Miniature drill machines, milling and boring accessories
[4472]Miniature Gender Changers
[6038]Miniature lamp (base: T1 3/4 MG) (DxL: 5.7 x 15.87 mm)
[6040]Miniature lamp, Based Multichip LED (base: T1 3/4 MF) (DxL: 5.7 x 16 mm)
[6042]Miniature lamp, Based Multichip LED (base: T1 3/4 MG) (DxL: 5.7 x 15.87 mm)
[1765]Miniature lamp, DxL: 4.2 x 11.7 mm, base T1 1/4
[1996]Miniature lamps (base: T1 SM)(DxL: 3.9 x 9.5 mm)
[27]Miniature lamps (socket: T3/4 WT) (DxL: 2.5 x 6.5 mm)
[133]Miniature lamps for torches
[6039]Miniature lamps, neon (base: T1 3/4 MF) (DxL: 5.7 x 16 mm)
[5089]Miniature plastic boxes, outside length up to 70 mm
[1488]Miniature plug, 2.6 mm
[1838]Miniature plug, 2.6 mm
[1178]Miniature power relays
[1187]Miniature power relays (high temperatures)
[2067]Miniature screwdrivers with cross slots, Philips
[2043]Miniature screwdrivers, Voltage testers
[1841]Miniature socket plugs for installation 2.6 mm/Miniature socket plugs 2.6 mm
[4926]Miniature, push-off, circular mounting, 7 mm
[4925]Miniature, push-on, circular mounting, 7 mm




[4603]MKP 250 V
[651]MKS 02, 63 V
[671]MKS 2 10%, 50 V
[635]MKS 2, 63 V
[652]MKS 4 , 100 V
[653]MKS 4, 1000 V
[667]MKS 4, 630 V
[4604]MKT 250 V


[5414]MLR 20
[4965]MLR 21FE (52910799)






[3295]Model B
[3296]Model C
[3297]Model D
[3298]Model F
[610]Model: 0620
[436]Model: 0805
[437]Model: 1206
[1369]Module boxes, plastic, series: MG, with or without ears
[3925]Module, IGBT (Isahaya)
[3723]Module, IGBT (Powersem)
[1552]Module, IGBT (Starpower)
[2225]Module, IGBT, Vishay
[621]Money detectors
[4481]Monitor Cables
[1000]Monitors, Touchscreen, Touch-PC
[4064]Mono earphone
[3313]Mono, 2.5 mm
[545]Mono, 2.5 mm
[546]Mono, 3.5 mm
[3317]Mono, 6.3 mm
[548]Mono, 6.3 mm
[549]Mono, 6.3 mm
[1097]Mosfet direct current relay
[5928]MOSFET Relays
[6355]Motor start capacitors
[117]Mounting for illuminant, bulb socket
[1316]Mounting for wedge base bulbs
[2118]Moving Coil Meters for installation, analog


[1275]MPD-45, open-frame, medical, dual output, 40 - 45 W
[1291]MPD-65, open-frame, medical, dual output, 61 - 65 W
[1264]MPS-120, open-frame, medical, single output, 79 - 120 W
[1273]MPS-200, open-frame, medical, single output, 92 - 124 W
[1241]MPS-30, open-frame, medical, single output, 25 - 30 W
[1256]MPS-45, open-frame, medical, single output, 26 - 48 W
[1260]MPS-65, open-frame, medical, single output, 40 - 65 W
[1296]MPT-45, open-frame, medical, triple-output, 40 - 43 W
[1334]MPT-65, open-frame, medical, triple-output, 60 - 65 W


[236]MR ...
[1543]MR, brass, raw


[4915]MS 196 / 197
[5016]MS, dull black
[3772]MSO, Messing, Sonderlackierungen
[3251]MSV, dull black, inner spiral: V2A


[237]MTP ...


[8029]Mulit Chips LED
[8027]Multi Chip LED
[1288]Multi-function measuring instruments, temperature, humidity, velocity
[1901]Multiple socket outlets
[227]MUR ...


[5018]MV, nickel-plated, brushed, treated with zapon
[8106]MVV, dull nickel-plated, brushed, internal coil: V2A


[493]MW, white





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