SHOP: Pliers (manufacturer: Bernstein)

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[1755]Bernstein tools shop


[1403]Pliers (manufacturer: Bernstein)
Crimping pliers for modular connectors
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Cutting pliers, Combination and adjusting pliers, chrome-plated, bright polished
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Cutting tools
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Electronic pliers, mechanician pliers, box jointElectronic pliers, mechanician pliers, lap jointElectronic pliers, mechanician pliers, lay-on
Inox high-grade steel pliers
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Pressing pliers
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Safety insulated pliers, Two-colour multilayered insulation
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Safety insulated pliers, VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers)Special electronic pliers
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Special ESD electronic pliers
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Water pump pliers
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
Wire stripper
(manufacturer: Bernstein)
HP2 24VAC (76068)
*Relais, 24 VAC

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Our offer is directed at schools, government offices, commerce, trades and industries. The prices specified are for 1 item each or packing unit plus VAT plus postage/shipping rates. Please enquire net prices for bulk quantities or projects. Invoices will specify net prices and VAT separately.


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3-601-15 BERNSTEIN
Seitenschneider mit schlankem, abgerundeteme ...
24.00 EUR ...mehr
(plus VAT plus shipping)

3-634-15 BERNSTEIN
Spitzzange, abgewinkelt, glatte Greifflächen, ...
23.25 EUR ...mehr
(plus VAT plus shipping)

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